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Mawun Central Lombok beach

paket wisata lombok - Mawun is one of the names the famous beach in Lombok today. Mawun beaches located in the area Praya Central Lombok district. Mawun beach is one of the very beautiful beach resort on the island of Lombok. Mawun beach is also one of the few rows of the south coast of the island of Lombok as the coast of Cape An. tour lombok Mawun beach can be regarded as a hidden paradise in the south of the island of Lombok. Said to be a hidden paradise for beach Mawun not known by many tourists. When the author visited Mawun coast, at that time I think it was only 3 or 4 tourists who were sunbathing on the beach. But if already many know, maybe the tourists will flock to visit this place. Of all the beaches that the author visited, until now no one has been able to rival the beauty of this Mawun beach. Because it is not just beautiful, but the place is still awake authenticity and cleanliness. paket wisata lombok Mawun beach is also one of the attractions with panoramic beach and mountains are no less good with Belanak Selong beach, Kuta Beach, and Beach Music. Starting from the beauty of the sand, beaches, mountains and hill too. White sand with a long coastline and shoreline length also will complement the big waves with incredible surfing sensation. Not one of some people refer to it as one of the beach paradise. The most beautiful thing is the view when we look towards the line that separates the beach and the sky.paket tour lombok Seen sea water that fills the beach Mawun derived from an area that is almost like strait is flanked by two mountains are still green and very indah.Pantai Mawun also very suitable visited by the tourists who love photography, especially who like to capture pictures of landscapes (landscape ). In addition to coastal beaches are still clean, two mountains that flank the entry point of sea water can also be used as objects of photography is very good. harga mutiara Some places like Kuta Beach, Selong Belanak, Seger Beach, and Beach Mawun often become a tourist destination. One example, Mawun Beach (Mawun Beach). Mawun is a beach located in the village of Batch, district. Pujut, Kab. Central Lombok, NTB. The location is quite remote and primitive life still make tourist destinations unspoiled beach Mawun still lacking today when compared to Senggigi Beach and a cluster of three Gili (Trawangan, Meno, water) is quite well known. Though natural scenery and green hills, accompanied by the beauty of the beach no less beautiful and charming. harga mutiara If you want to travel to the beach Mawun, the best route is via: Mataram - Kediri - Praya - Penujak - Selong Belanak - Mawun (see map).Based on the route, we can travel for approximately 1.5 hours with an average speed of vehicles 60-80 km / h. In addition, past some areas that are not less interesting in offering its beauty, is a trip to the beach Mawun that there will not be bored. paket wisata lombok Mawun beach is parallel to Kuta Beach Lombok, so if the tourists want to go to the beach Wawun then the tourists also have to take the same direction towards Kuta Beach Lombok. The journey from Kuta Beach Lombok to the beach Mawun approximately less than 30 minutes. During the trip, we will realize that how beautiful creation of God on Earth and its contents. On the beach These Mawun we will pass some hills which of course followed the valley with a stretch of pasture and livestock. However, there is a fairly steep incline with a derivative that is not less steep thereafter. From the top of the slope we could see some stretch of beaches with incredible beauty. Of beauty that alone would make the adventurous feel to lose visited Mawun Beach. lombok tour Before reaching Mawun, we passed Selong Belanak. Then we will distance to travel to reach Mawun of Selong Belanak about 9 km with estimated time of approximately ± 15 minutes with a standard speed of 60-80 km / h. Certainly going exertion in the heat of the sun, but all will be paid off when he reached the beach Mawun. After arriving at the beach Mawun, the tourists will be asked a fee for entrance to the beach if using the vehicle. Entry fee only 10,000 for four-wheel or car and Rp. 5000 for a two-wheeler or motorcycle. When entering the parking lot, after the tourists entering the park, the tourists will lengsung dazzled by the beauty of Turkish tourists Mawun so make haste to get down from the vehicle being used and can not wait to get to the coast. mutiara lombokMawun beaches have white sand, if we call the white sand bound tourists also often see you at other beaches ever visit. However, we will never see a beach like beach Mawun. Because the beach is like being in the ring but ends pierced circles directly by the ocean Hindi. Maybe this can only be written about Mawun Beach, Paradise Beach Lombok, hopefully the readers can enjoy the writings that I've made. Hopefully the readers could be interested in and want untu visit Mawun Paradise Beach Lombok. Just read while enjoy your day. Thank you :-) harga mutiara Lombok Tour Packages Pearl Jewelry South Sea Pearls Wholesale

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